ShipSafe lets Shopify store owners provide shipping protection to their customers.

Unlike other Shopify Apps, you keep 100% of the profit. (In fact, we're the only Shopify App that does this.)

It's the easiest way to increase your store's profit in just a few clicks.

ShipSafe made it very easy to add a premium shipping option to our store without any code work.

The added revenue increased our margins. 10/10 recommended and well worth the cost.

It's hard to increase both average cart sizes and conversion rates, since there's a natural tension between both.

ShipSafe has somehow created a novel way to do both. It's a must-have for ecommerce store owners.

Store owners and Marketing experts love us.

- Nalai & Co

Shopify Store

- Dick Talens

Growth Marketing Expert responsible for >$1M in Shopify Sales




Shoppers who cite "delivery concern" as a factor when making purchase decisions.

Increase in purchase conversion when shipping protection is added.

Percent of profit that YOU keep when you use  the ShipSafe app.


How it Works




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You're set to collect additional revenue from customers by providing protection through your store!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will I be working with an insurance partner/company?

Nope. ShipSafe is different from most shipping insurance apps.

Other apps, like Route allow stores to provide a shipping insurance option. This helps your store increase its conversion rate, but the app keeps all of the profit and only gives you a small cut.

ShipSafe allows you to provide shipping protection AND keep the profit.

Got it. So how do I cover people's packages with protection?

ShipSafe provides all the tools that you need in order to easily provide protection and manage claims. If someone's package gets lost, you can provide them a refund.

Won't I lose money if there's fraud?

Insurance is a large industry for a reason. The revenue that you receive from adding protection will more than offset the cost of claims. Use our calculator in the "How it Works" section to get a sense of how much additional revenue your shop might receive.

How much does ShipSafe cost?

We provide a 14-day free trial to show you how profitable it is to use ShipSafe on your Shopify app. After that, ShipSafe is $150/month, which comes out to a small fraction of the additional revenue we'll bring you.

What does the free consultation entail?

We want to make sure that every shop that installs ShipSafe will receive a great deal of added value. This means that we need to ensure two things:

  • That what you are selling will benefit from providing shipping protection, both from the increase in conversion that you'll see and the additional revenue from protection.
  • That your shop is structured in a way that makes it easy to install our app.

Are there any requirements to use ShipSafe in my store?

The only thing that you need is a Shopify store. There's zero risk in using ShipSafe. If you don't see the benefits in our 14-day free trial, then you can cancel, completely free of charge.

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